Ohazuruike Godswill Smart, an Italian Nigerian citizen, is a pharm.D who has collaborated with several private pharmacies and currently collaborating with a pharmaceutical group called iofarma where he was nominated the faceman.

He moved to Italy when he was 12 yeas old to reunite with his family. At the age of 15 he had to get into the hustle to help his parents. It wasn’t easy, but despite all the difficulties, with tenacity and perseverance, he broke down the linguistic/cultural barrier and managed to realize hes dream as a pharmacist.

O.G Smart believes in the combination of the art of medicine with the love for humanity, infact he believes that medicine made simple could be a game changer in the so called thirds world countries expecialy in Africa.

In addiction to working and helping others with his knowledge as a pharm.D, he runs his social media platforms, my pharmacist friend, ILFARMACISTAAMICO and SMARTTHEPLUG, where he spent his spare time enlighten people about medication treatment and different types of disease.

O. G Smart has also been an American football player. he played with the Elephants Catania for over a decade where he won the Best Rookie of the year, the Best Defensive player for 3 years in a row and multiple times the defense Hummer.

like he always quot: i have been fortunate enough to accomplish all my goals despite the ups and downs during my journeys.
I was never ready before I started and I’m still not ready for my next goal that’s why you should never wait till you’re ready before you start your journey, you don’t  know what’s on your Track till you start your race. Start and let the stars guide you to your sunrise.


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