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Miss Persia Regional 1

Winner is Narges Ranjbar Sari

Narges is a professional athlete, model, flight manager (dispatcher) and social media manager with highly motivated to progress in life. She invest her life ambition in the sports, fasion and social media. Because of her photogenic face and her athletic body, she started modeling at the age of 20 and now she is a sportswear model of an Italian company. At the University, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Translation and also because of her interest in the aviation industry, after completing the exclusive courses, she received her flight manager (dispatcher) licence from ICAO. She is currently social media manager of an Italian company, Castellani.

Narges as a national team athlete with 21 years experience in two different fields of sport (Taekwondo & Shooting), decided to share her sportive knowledge and experiences through social media to the women from all over the world specially women from her country persia with lots of limitations they have. As the record holder of Iranian women in the field of Clay Target Shooting (trap), she was honored several times by the media and organizations and she used this opportunities to encourage and motivate the persian women to believe in themselves.

As the first woman after Iran revolution to win Miss Persia (regional), she mentioned the high position of persian girls at the internatiional and global levels. As a voice for Iranian women, Narges will help the world to hear more than before the voice of the ability of the women in countries that have been neglected for various reasons.

For any cooperation and sponsoring, please coordinate with the president Ms.Bakhtiary

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To all the beautiful girls, athletes, geniuses, artists, doctors, engineers, students, fighters and all those who have somehow contributed to the progress of human society or have a specific plan to contribute to the progress of society and improve the current state of the world, we will invite you to the big national Miss Persia program.
We work in this way that we will select our participants from among the letters of introduction that various people send us. The person who sends us a letter of introduction can be a famous person or even a member of your family and friends.
No prospective participant will be invited to participate in the open call without a letter of introduction from another person.


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I always believed that we can make the world a better place to live by helping each other. Now we are here to be a very strong and professional team that does great things.

Golshan Bakhtiary
Golshan Bakhtiary is an Iranian social activist, franchise owner of the international magazine “FAMEZ”, entrepreneur, ideator, philanthropist, founder and director of the MPFF film festival. She is the owner and editor of FAMEZ, a high-end art magazine based in Rome.
Owner, president and producer of Miss Persia organization

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